A real old fashioned record
store. With people who share a
passion for music. With great
music playing. With people really
listening. With plenty of record
bins to browse. With that smell.
Located in the beautiful Hudson
Valley, New York, in beautiful
Uptown Kingston. Stop by.

Wright Gallery Records
50 N. Front St.
Kingston, NY 12401

hours: Tuesday through Saturday,
10 -  5:30

If you think running an independent vinyl record store is easy, or I am making a lot of money off this deal, you would be wrong.
If you would like to contribute to the cause please click here.

Thank you. Your name will be added to the list below.

Sally Mae Zupanc, Spooner Vent, Junker Barlow, Phela Orm, Mumfrey Mappel, Jorrock Wormley, Sukker Uffro, Averil Joop, J.
H. Bumbleshook, Stumpo Gaker, Gorton Swope, Orm Pludge, Porfer Poog, Dumbo Omohundro
We also convert your LPs
and Cassettes to CD for
only $5. Call or stop by.